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Stuart Jansen sjansen at
Fri Aug 12 11:06:13 MDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-08-12 at 10:47 -0600, Nicholas Leippe wrote:
> On Friday 12 August 2005 10:36 am, Hans Fugal wrote:
> > Who happens to have a BS in CS and is headed for grad school in CS.
> No need to get hoity-toity on us--we all have credentials.

His credentials were challenged. 

No need to get all insecure and threatened on us--we all have flaws. ;-)

> > Yeah, but you're a programmer. ;-) The real world mostly cares about
> > what your program DOES. If perl programmers prduce a good volume of
> > working quality programs, perl can't be all bad. Not conclusively proven
> > bad, anyway.
> Sure, one perl coder can produce gobs of useful code quite quickly.
> Two can produce twice as many gobs of code as quickly.
> But can they easily swap gobs of code and maintain the each other's code?

Dude, the same can be said of almost any language. Teams require
coordination and standards or they'll make a beeline for chaos. Sure,
some languages put a straight jacket on developers, but is that really a
good thing? All it means is that the barrier to entry is lower for the
dull and undedicated. 

> IMO, perl is pretty far out on the spectrum from the 'nearly self documenting' 
> language holy grail.
> In my experience, if I have to read a line of code more than once to 
> understand it, it's poor code and is taking up my time.

So you're okay with spending half an hour and tens of lines to
accomplish what can be done in three lines of Perl?

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