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Jacob Fugal lukfugl at
Fri Aug 12 10:52:48 MDT 2005

Sorry, Jonathan, but you're asking for it...

On 8/12/05, Jonathan Ellis <jonathan at> wrote:
> > > Yeah, but you're a sysadmin. :)
> >
> > Who happens to have a BS in CS and is headed for grad school in CS.
> So you're a sysadmin, and an academic. :P

A sysadmin, academic, expert coder, Ruby bigot and Perl tolerant.
(These all apply to both Hans and I, except my sysadmin skills aren't
very strong).

> Let me guess: you've never had to maintain a few thousand lines of
> someone else's Perl.

Or a few thousand lines of someone else's Ruby, Python or Java code?
In the case of Perl I have. I've maintained some horrible Perl code.
But it's still my second choice language (after Ruby).

I'll admit that some languages lend themselves to abuse easier than
others. Perl is one of those. But, really, is that Perl's flaw? I've
seen Java, C, Python and, yes, even Ruby code that was just as bad.
I've seen PHP code that was far worse. But I've seen beautiful code in
all those languages as well (even PHP and Java). My personal opinion
is to blame the coder of the unreadable code, not the language he
decided to manifest his ineptitude in.

Jacob Fugal

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