[waste of bandwidth] Re: Struts, Spring, Tapestry, oh my!

Jonathan Ellis jonathan at carnageblender.com
Fri Aug 12 07:02:18 MDT 2005

On Fri, 12 Aug 2005 02:31:00 -0600, "Doran Barton" <fozz at iodynamics.com>
> > Strictly on the language side, 
> >you're right.  C# is Java with a couple
> >years of perspective on what worked and what didn't.
> Yeah. I love how M$'s "perspective" included adding an 'unsafe' pragma.
> Hah!

Shrug...  There's a few things in C# that make me think, "what the
hell?" but that's not one of them.  Anders makes an intelligent case for
why it can be a good thing.  And of course James Gosling makes a good
case for why it can be a very bad thing.  This isn't cut-and-dried to


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