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Thu Aug 11 13:07:22 MDT 2005

On Thursday 11 August 2005 12:56 pm, Lars Rasmussen wrote:
> I decided to chime in since we're discussing salaries.
> I've found that any discussion of salaries before a company has made
> the decision to hire can only hurt you.  I've done the following twice
> - here's a scenario:
> In the first interview you're asked about salary expectations.  My
> response would be something like, "I'm sure that you'll make a fair
> and equitable offer if you decide I'm the candidate for the position."
> How can giving a number here help you?  If pressed, the interviewer
> should give you a salary range budgeted for the position, not the
> other way around.
> After follow up interviews you're offered the job, with salary offer
> $n per year.
> My response: "Is that the best you can do?" (I'm being sincere at this
> point.  Any hint of sarcasm will hurt using this response.)
> If the individual making the offer has been authorized to offer more,
> he/she now has a chance to increase the offer.  I've also helped
> establish that I feel my value as an employee to the hiring
> organization is above average.

This is in complete agreement with the suggestions in the book "What Color is 
your Parachute". (

I _highly_ recommend this book as required reading for anyone looking for or 
already in employment.


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