"Enterprise-class" (was RE: Struts, Spring, Tapestry, oh my!)

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Thu Aug 11 12:59:55 MDT 2005

> Perhaps a good discussion from here would entail which 
> technologies have these features.. or how to obtain these 
> features with different technologies.  For instance, we've 
> already heard about
> apache+struts+jboss+etc. etc....  Yes, Walmart, Ebay and others use
> Java.  There are some pretty large companies using perl too.  
> What do those companies use for transaction management etc.  
> PHP, Python, Ruby? 
> How do you cluster sessions with Rails, or does it have it?  
> Are there certain things certain languages/platforms just 
> can't do yet?

To answer your Perl question, if I remember right from my JSP/Servlet
training the way Java/J2EE handles transaction management and DB Pooling
Perl can do similar with some of the DBI::Class modules.  Some of the
Catalyst examples on their website show some examples.  If I get some
time I'll put Perl's answer to all of the Enterprise definitions.  Being
a Perl Enthusiast, I guess I should show my "humble" non-bias and also
say that while Perl can answer most if not all of those, with J2EE you
do get all of them in one package in many cases.  And to agree with
Bryan, based on what I've seen the paycheck is usually about 10K per
year more too.


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