"Enterprise-class" (was RE: Struts, Spring, Tapestry, oh my!)

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 12:41:35 MDT 2005

On 8/11/05, Josh Coates <jcoates at archive.org> wrote:
> >What is the exact definition of "Enterprise-class"?
> it means:
> "costs lots more than it should"
> "has lots of check boxes on the feature list"
> "may require a consultant to implement it"
> "is sold by a sales rep that gets commission"
> "insecure IT decision makers will feel better about their purchase"
> etc...

Hmmm...  Apache Tomcat (or Apache Geronimo or JBoss or Sun Glassfish)
+ Apache Struts + Spring + Hibernate + Java == enterpise class
solution, yet costs $0.

 > enterprise class doesn't mean anything.  there is no standard definition -
> it's a made up marketing term.

This is basically true, but there are common concerns in large
enterprise systems that should be addressed by the "enterpise-class

> bah.



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