How to clear drive

Al Byers byersa at
Thu Aug 11 09:32:09 MDT 2005

I am trying to do a new install of SUSE 9.3 on a machine with an Athlon 
2800. I believe the CDs I have are bad and I can't get through the 
install. When I get a new set of disks (anyone have some? I'm not picky 
on the brand) I would like to install to a clean drive, as when it tries 
to install packages over ones that are there I get lots of failures. My 
question is whether there is an easy way, possibly within the install 
process using the partitioning instructions, to clear the HD so I don't 
run into these conflicts? As you can guess, I don't do this very often, 
so simplicity is the key :0)


Al Byers
byersa at

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