Perl Catalyst

JStay at JStay at
Thu Aug 11 09:39:45 MDT 2005

> Back to the subject on hand, I was briefly looking into 
> Catalyst and the docs mentioned needing SQLite.  Is that the 
> only DB it will work with, or can you plug in Postgres or 
> Mysql as well?  I imagine it can, I was just surprised that 
> the docs I read didn't mention it.

It probably says that because most of the examples use it.  The great
thing about Catalyst is it provides an easy way to provide a bundled web
solution with relatively few things to install, which is probably why it
says SQLLite.  You should be fine using MySQL or PostGres.  If anyone
needs it, I've gotten the MiniMojo app working with HTML::Mason instead
of TTK (If I can still find it).


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