The heat of summer flames (was Re: Struts, Spring, Tapestry, oh my!)

Grant Robinson santiago at
Thu Aug 11 09:32:45 MDT 2005

On Aug 11, 2005, at 8:54 AM, Dennis wrote:

> Jonathan Ellis wrote:
>> On Wed, 10 Aug 2005 17:58:00 -0600, "Erich Pletsch" <erich at>
>> said:
>>> If you prefer simple, but have a bunch of Java developers at your
>>> disposal, consider JSF.
>> Man.  Twice in one day, I'm marveling at how huge the gap betwen
>> "Jonathan simple" and "J2EE simple" appears to be.  It's like I'm  
>> living
>> in some kind of parallel universe.
>> Here's one example just for fun.
>> JSFDevelop5.html#wp1003532
> That's exactly the type of simplicity (complexity) I was mentioning
> before.  Web languages have developed to a point where you can do  
> things
> real quick and REALLY simple ( not J2EE simple.)

Ah, 'tis nice to bask in the flames.

As much fun as it is to do so, let's bring a little perspective.

Opinions on programming languages are like feet.  Every geek has them,  
and they all stink.

You don't believe your feet stink?  Take off your  
shoes/flip-flops/sandals sometime and take a wiff!  Then take a look at  
your opinions.  Believe me, they smell about the same.

In all seriousness, Java is a good language that many people/companies  
obviously find useful.  Ruby is cool too.  So is Python, Perl, C, C++,  
Objective-C, SmallTalk, OCaml, Scheme, Lisp, C#, COBOL, Fortran,  
Pascal, Basic, Assembly, and Binary.

While we are on the subject, what I really miss is punch cards.  Who  
was the idiot who came up with typing a program into an editor and then  
compiling and running it?  Sure it's fast, but what if your computer  
crashes and your hard drive goes on the fritz?  There goes your code.   
Myself, I will trust my programs to punch cards.  That way I always  
have a hard copy of all my code, and it can be run anytime I want.  No  
more trying to remember file names or worrying about backing up data.   
Just get a file cabinet.  Much cheaper than another hard drive.  The  
only thing that will destroy my code is a spilled drink, not forces of  
nature or freak accidents.


P.S.  If you didn't at least smile when you read the preceding  
paragraphs, call the police and let them know someone stole your sense  
of humor.

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