Struts, Spring, Tapestry, oh my!

JStay at JStay at
Thu Aug 11 07:31:06 MDT 2005

> So I took a look for Catalyst and found their home page.  
> Ironically the catalyst home page is being served up by a 
> python-driven CMS.

Wow - they've really added a lot to the previous website - I'm
impressed.  I never said Catalyst wasn't new.  In fact, it's very new,
and so is Maypole, which is the Framework by Simon Cozens it's based on.
My guess is they needed a quick place to post new content and chose the
fastest technology they could post it on.  I don't know of a CMS out yet
that is Catalyst-driven (well, looks like there's a small one on their
website - very cool example of Catalyst in action though).  To me it
shows they are willing to look at other languages and the way they do
things when designing this new framework.  That, to me is a good
programming practice.  They were probably just choosing the fastest
solution to get the job done - I doubt it will be Trac-based forever.


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