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>Do a google search for +halifax +explosion.  A ship full of 
>explosives exploded (several hudred thousand pounds of TNT). 

ah, yes - i remember reading about this.  seems like a bigger explosion to
me, but perhaps because it wasn't on land, maybe it doesn't count on a
technicality.  that's a shame - it doesn't seem right.

the halifax explosion was one of the worst industrial accidents in recorded
history - but i believe the one with the most fatilities is the chemical
plant leak in india: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhopal_disaster

in 1984, a union carbide plant leaked a bunch of pesticide and killed many,
many thousands of people.

i think it's topical, so if you havent already checked out my crappy
homepage quiz about work-related deaths, now may be a good time:


Josh Coates

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On 8/10/05, Josh Coates <jcoates at archive.org> wrote:
> >Truck was carrying 58,000 lbs of explosives.  Crater is 60ft wide by 
> >10 ft
> deep.
> remember the beirut attack on us marines in 1983?
> could this be a new record for the largest non-nuclear explosion?  
> probably not, but then again, iirc, the beruit explosion was 400lbs of 
> C4 (or chech
> semtex) and it was estimated to be equiv of 15K-21K of tnt (see 
> below.)

Do a google search for +halifax +explosion.  A ship full of explosives
exploded (several hudred thousand pounds of TNT).  Reports were that windows
shattered 50 miles away.  And this was in 1917.


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