Struts, Spring, Tapestry, oh my!

Jacob Fugal lukfugl at
Wed Aug 10 15:35:45 MDT 2005

On 8/10/05, JStay at <JStay at> wrote:
> > IMHO Struts is really the best way to go, you have a WAY more
> > active, enthusiastic, as well as experienced community to draw upon.
> Agreed - if you are going to need community support and involvement then
> the older MVC models are the way to go.  Ruby, Catalyst, PHP's Fusebox,
> etc. all don't hold a dime when it comes to experience in developing on
> these models compared to Struts.  When it comes to useability and total
> functionality though I would fall to one of the new models if you can
> learn things on your own.

First, you mean Ruby on Rails above, not Ruby. Ruby is to Perl as
Rails is to Catalyst. Although Ruby is only recently getting a lot of
attention (due, in large part, to the Rails hype), it is a mature
language with a broad and deep community.

Second, I'll just say Rails' community support is great:

1) Active -- I dug into rails for the first time last October or so.
At the time, the framework was only three months old (first public
release in July 2004). During that time I was on the #rubyonrails
channel on freenode a lot, and there were always people available and
willing to help. Now, nearly a year later there are on average over a
hundred users in the channel, a very active mailing list and several
community forums.

2) Enthusiastic -- I don't know if I need say anything on this point.
The Rails' community is enthusiastic to a fault, hence all the hype.

3) Experienced -- Consider that many of the active participants in the
Rails' IRC channel are people who've been working with Rails since the
near beginning and run their businesses with it. Sure, there may not
be years of Rails experience to tap, but these people do know their
framework inside and out and are plenty willing to help.

If you psychologically need a 5 year old community to help you learn
the framework, then yes, the Rails community is too young. But if all
you require is an active, enthusiastic and knowledgable community, I
think the Rails community qualifies.

Jacob Fugal

[Disclaimer: I'm not saying the PHP Fuse or Catalyst communities don't
have the strengths of the Rails communities, Rails is simply the one I
have experience with]

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