Struts, Spring, Tapestry, oh my!

Dennis devel at
Wed Aug 10 14:14:07 MDT 2005

Grant Shipley wrote:

>I would learn Struts.  It seems to me that most job posting nowadays
>want some Struts experience.
Thats because 3 years ago, they all programmed their applications in
Struts and they need people to maintain them.  Struts is quick to get
things out the door but a pain to change.  There is a TON of xml.  (More
than most frameworks and if you use Tiles there is even that much MORE
xml).  If you do go with Struts, be sure to get Struts console ( ) to edit all that xml with.

Just for reference.. I just typed this on a Struts/Tiles project I

cat `find src -name '*.xml'` | wc -l

That isn't the biggest application I've worked on either.

I since moved away from Struts to a more dynamic approach using JSTL and
tag libraries.  I haven't done a lot with Spring and Tapestry but
whatever is used, I recommend researching how fast you can change and
re-deploy the application in addition to how fast you can develop it.  I
found it rather cumbersome to restart my application context each time I
needed to add a Struts action.

Just my $.02

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