Struts, Spring, Tapestry, oh my!

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Wed Aug 10 12:29:00 MDT 2005

On 8/10/05, Kimball Larsen <kimball at> wrote:
> So, I would like to broaden my horizons...
> I have heard of a few major frameworks for use in jsp applications,
> but have not yet really had time to investigate/learn any of them.
> What do pluggers recommend?
> I come from a WebObjects background, so I'm used to have a MVC frame
> of reference, and really love to be able to abstract all database
> interaction to a framework.
> Further, what books can you recommend I pick up to learn any of the
> recommended frameworks?

SASH is the buzz going around.  Struts, Axis, Spring, and Hibernate. 
This stack of OSS provides a very powerful and performant platform for
developing web applications.  The stack scales up AND scales down for
simple projects (a common complaint with traditional enterprise java).

As far as your presentation layer (your view), you can use JSP,
Tapestry, Velocity, XMLC, JSF, or any other servlet-based technology.

If you're familiar with WebObjects, then you'll want to consider
Tapestry (not JSP-based) or JSF (JCP standard and JSP based).  Both
JSF and Tapestry have their own web controller built in, so the use of
Struts as a controller is unnecessary.  Spring also has it's own web
controller that I prefer over Struts for smaller projects.  I've only
used JSP and XMLC on major projects myself.

For books, you MUST read "Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without
EJB" (Wrox).  This book was written by Rod Johnson the founder of the
Spring project.  It is great.

Some other good reads are:
* Art of Java Web Development (Manning)
* JavaServer Faces (O'Reilly)
* Pro Spring (Apress)

And now for some links:


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