Where to park for Damian Conway's presentation?

Jordan Gunderson jordy at gundy.org
Mon Aug 8 09:44:55 MDT 2005

Nathan wrote:
> I'd like to go to Damian Conway's presentation on Wednesday.  I'm not
> very familiar with UVSC's campus, so I found a map [1].  It appears
> that parking lot K is next to the CS building, but it's marked as an
> employee/staff lot [2].  Does anyone know the hours that lot K is
> enforced, or where the best place to park is?

Regretfully we can't park in student or employee parking because the 
lots are enforeced.  We can, however, park in paid parking without 
having to pay, because on summer nights they raise the gates at 5:00; it 
will just require a little walk.

It's kind of lame that the student parking is enforced, but the visitor 
(paid) parking is not.  Sort of backwards if you ask me.  If it were a 
Saturday we could park pretty much anywhere we wanted because parking is 
not enforced, but alas, it's a Wednesday.

The best places to park on a Wednsday night are lots "L" and "D".

I'll let you know if I find anything else out.


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