MySQL Threads

C. Ed Felt edfelt at
Fri Aug 5 20:26:01 MDT 2005

Sasha Pachev wrote:

> Ed:
> You got a few system threads (depending on your configuration), after 
> that, each thread per connection. Do not worry about them - they share 
> most of the resources. When there are really too many, the system will 
> let you know - if it does not, sleep while you can :-) But if you are 
> using persistent connections, see if that can be changed - all they 
> have done for me and the MySQL customers I've worked with in the past 
> is sit idle and use up stack space and file descriptors.
> What symptoms of bad performance are you experiencing?

I am getting "too many connections" errors sometimes with my MySQL 
intensive apps.  I will try turning off persistent connections.  What 
config changes would you recommend?  I assume the correct file is 
my.cnf?  I have never customized it before.  Any advice is appreciated.


Ed Felt

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