Novell Opens Suse Up

Mister E Mister.Ed at
Wed Aug 3 15:19:15 MDT 2005

Stuart Jansen wrote:

> Well now, that's a stupid and cynical thing to say.

cynical ... yes ... stupid... maybe to some folks.  Since I've spent a 
large amount of time in advertising and marketing (and had my own ad/pr 
agency with major clients... some larger than Novell), I have a right to 
laugh at the silliness of any related process.  If one doesn't find it 
interesting and/or goofy... well ... to each his own.  Now, do I dislike 
Novell? ... heck no, not even close (there's an M word company that 
deserves that dislike).  But I can still laugh at the self indulging 
marketing tech-ni-que.  If I didn't find amusement which such silliness 
in the first place, I'd just yawn, hit the snooze button, and move on 
(just like during the "get certified and get office bimbos/babes as a 
reward" image schtuff I saw recently).

Mister Ed
ps - The advertising/marketing era in my life created the desire to 
present myself as "bubba" fer a while and forgo the polished mannerisms 
and educated blah blah in a lot of situations.  Guess that's part of why 
I get so annoyed... I helped propagate the silly method in the first 
place.  But now as a bonus, I get to find out who is who when I do the 
bubba routine.

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