Novell Opens Suse Up

Josh Coates jcoates at
Wed Aug 3 14:24:05 MDT 2005

>Kim Jong-Il agrees with Josh.

thanks richard.  in fact, kim and i are really tight, and share a lot in

"Kim pilots jet fighters, pens operas, produces movies and accomplished a
feat unmatched in the annals of professional golf by shooting 11
holes-in-one on the first round he ever played. "

btw - a good book on north korea i recently read: The Aquariums of
Pyongyang: Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag

Josh Coates

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Kim Jong-Il agrees with Josh.

In case it's down: (

Richard Esplin

On Wednesday 03 August 2005 13:00, Josh Coates wrote:
> >> The longer ya take, the more PR releases you can write to 
> >> self-proclaim yer sainthood.
> >
> >Well now, that's a stupid and cynical thing to say.
> hey, that's kinda mean. :-/
> besides, isn't that what press releases are for? ;-)
> Josh Coates
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