Novell Opens Suse Up

Stuart Jansen sjansen at
Wed Aug 3 12:48:58 MDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-08-03 at 09:57 -0600, Mister E wrote:
> Stuart Jansen wrote:
> > Novell actually let the people at the pre-BrainShare LUG meeting know
> > about this months ago. Based on how long it took Novell to officially
> > make the announcement, and the basic roadmap they've outlines, it will
> > take awhile to implement OpenSUSE. Maybe now people will complain less
> > about Fedora when they see that RedHat isn't the only one taking things
> > slowly and carefully as they hand control over to the community.
> The longer ya take, the more PR releases you can write to self-proclaim 
> yer sainthood.

Well now, that's a stupid and cynical thing to say.

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