Spy on windows users?

Alan Fullmer lists-alan at xnote.com
Tue Aug 2 11:48:54 MDT 2005

There are plenty out there to be found with google.  You can make VNC
transparent to the user by disabling the icon and the keyboard/mouse input.

One problem with a lot of the spy utils :  they are found by anti-spyware
programs if they have that installed.

Rather than to search for "free" on google, try open source, or something to
that effect.

-Alan Fullmer
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We have need to install some software on some winderz boxen here at  
work to monitor usage.  We have cygwin installed, and I was wondering  
if anyone out there knows of any solution that is

     a) better than VNC (totally transparent to the user)
     b) runs from w/in cygwin
     c) free?


-- Kimball 

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