Software for Starving Students and LUG Documentation Wiki

Jordan Gunderson jordy at
Mon Aug 1 18:52:13 MDT 2005

Hey all,

Lars Rasmussen of UVLUG expressed interest in helping get the Software 
for Starving Students (SSS) packages up-to-date so that we can 
distribute them at the membership drives we plan on doing early next 

I've set up a skeleton page on the UVLUG wiki to help facilitate these 
updates, etc.  Lars has put in some package info, but there's much more 
to do.  We're willing to set up an SSS mailing list (rather that triple 
posting to 3 lists), help pay for CD media out of our club funds, set up 
a package repository, or any anything else that project founders would 
like us to do.

If I'm stepping on anyone’s toes here, let me know and we'll cease and 
desist.  (We don't want to duplicate effort or steal anybody's baby.) 
Otherwise, I think this would be good resource to make sure this cool 
project doesn't go away.

Here's the link:

If there's anything that needs edited, feel free to edit away –especial 
you SSS project leaders.

On a related note, we're putting together a LUG documentation wiki to 
help ensure that UVLUG doesn't die with the high amount of leadership 
turnover that is inherent in collegiate organizations.  We hope it also 
serves as a valuable repository of info for anyone trying to start out a 
new lug in their area.  (I would have liked a manual when I started UVLUG).

At a NUI conference that some of the local LUG leaders attended, I was 
really impressed with how many user groups out there hungered for 
information on how to set up and operate a LUG.  I was also impressed 
with the sheer volume of good info that attendees had to share.  The 
presenters could hardly shut them up.  :)

I've read the famous "LUG HOWTO", but there seems to be so much more 
that could be added.  We want the LUG documentation wiki to include 
everything from how to host an InstallFest, to who to contact for LUG 
swag, etc.  I know there are a lot of people on these lists that have 
just such expertise.  Just head there and start adding stuff.

Anyway, here’s the LUG documentation wiki:

There is also a link to it from our main page (in case you don't want to 
keep this email forever).  Thanks everyone, and sorry for the long post.

Happy contributing,
Jordan Gunderson

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