OT:Star Wars - Episode III - Ticket Purchases for Friday May 20

Lars Rasmussen lars.rasmussen at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 16:57:24 MDT 2005

On 4/29/05, Steve Meyers <steve-plug at spwiz.com> wrote:
> Is it Friday night or Friday morning?  I'm assuming you meant Friday
> morning, so seating would begin at 11:30pm on Thursday night.

Seating is at 11:30pm Friday Night.  Showtime is Midnight Saturday morning.

We wanted to lock in the date so we bumped it to 24 hours after the
official opening.  As recently as a week ago the theatre was unsure
whether or not they would be able to procure 2 copies of the film.  We
wanted our plans to be unaffected.


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