Small contract job available - server configuration

Steve Jibson steve at
Fri Apr 29 13:02:20 MDT 2005

Hmmm... somehow I feel like I'm reading through someone's private email 

Matthew Frederico wrote:
> On 4/28/05, James Knowles <jamesk at> wrote:
>>We have a small contract job for an experienced individual or company to
>>configure a new RHEL4-based server that will host web, mail, and DNS for
>>a handful of small companies and non-profit groups. We would prefer to
>>use the RPMs supplied in the distro unless there's a compelling reason
> James it was good talking with you this afternoon.  I think once you
> get things rolling, you will find that a dedicated solution will work
> a lot better than co-location.
> Let me know when you would like to get started on this project, I am
> available any time.

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