Small contract job available - server configuration

James Knowles jamesk at
Thu Apr 28 21:57:32 MDT 2005

We have a small contract job for an experienced individual or company to 
configure a new RHEL4-based server that will host web, mail, and DNS for 
a handful of small companies and non-profit groups. We would prefer to 
use the RPMs supplied in the distro unless there's a compelling reason 

Configuration thumbnail:
* e-mail (virtual domains, no Unix accounts, would prefer configuration 
via database [not required])
* secure IMAP
* squirrel mail
* spam assassin
* configure bind for one domain

We're looking for somebody experienced at this kind of setup. If you 
/think/ you can do it, please pass on this. If you've done it a million 
times, please don't pass on this. :)

Contact person: James Knowles
office: (801) 737-3792
cell phone: (801) 430-6066
e-mail: jamesk at

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