Umask on /media/usbdisk

Stuart Jansen sjansen at
Thu Apr 28 11:37:51 MDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-04-28 at 12:28 -0500, Matthew Frederico wrote:
> OS: FC3
> I am having this recurring issue where my ssh keys are stored on a CF
> card connected via usb, and every time I power down for the night, and
> re-boot, it mounts my (VFAT) CF card with permissions which are too
> lax for ssh to allow the private key ...   I've searched high and low,
> in hotplug config files and google, and cannot find anything that
> would save me from having to unmount, add the "umask=077" line to my
> /etc/fstab, then remount the drive .. every time.

There might already be an automated way to do this now, but on FC3 it
isn't hard to write a udev script specific to the device that changes
the permissions on the device when it's inserted.

Can CF cards be repartitioned? I've got both a VFAT and an ext2 on my
usb thumb drive and it works well. (Yes, there are less demanding
embedded Linux filesystems that'd be more appropriate, but they may not
be supported by every computer I might use the drive with.)

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