2 openings at FamilyLearn

Gary Thornock gthornock at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 27 20:00:43 MDT 2005

My neighbor who runs familylearn.com asked me to post these:

2 FamilyLearn Positions Available - System Admin & PHP Developer

We need part-time help in two different positions. It may be we
find one who has the skills to fill both positions.

1. System Admin - will design and build a small redundant
database and file system for www.familylearn.com and
  Skills required:
  -Strong knowledge of Linux administration and setup (firewalls,
  -Experience scaling MYSQL.
  -Experience scaling a redundant file server.
  -Strong understanding of hardware, ability to tell us what
   hardware we'll need.

2. PHP Developer - will design and upgrade to our existing
system for interfacing the www.imemorybook.com with LaTex.  We
are adding more editing capabilities to our current plain text
system. This position has the potential to become full-time as
developer becomes familiar with the FamilyLearn and iMemoryBook
code-base.  Growing company. Lot's of opportunity.
Skills required:
  -Strong knowledge of PHP, MySQL and Linux.
  -Strong knowledge of an open source HTML rich text editor.
  -Experience with Tex and LaTex.
  -Experience with html2latex (Perl module) a plus.

The opening is needing to be filled as soon as possible so if you
are interested or know someone might be, please pass this on.

Pay will be based on experience.
We'd really like someone who is considered by their peers as very
good and excited about growing with a young company.

Neal Harmon
FamilyLearn, LLC
Phone: 801.377.2049
iMemoryBook - Collect a book of memories for someone special.

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