OT: Free stuff

John Nielsen lists at jnielsen.net
Mon Apr 25 09:28:33 MDT 2005

I have a bunch of old computer stuff that I'm about to cart off to DI, and I 
thought I'd offer it here first.  It's free to anyone who can pick it up 
(in Provo - Indian Hills) today (or promise to pick it up tomorrow).  Write 
me off-list if interested.

Stuff includes:
Socket 7 motherboards
Pentium-class CPU's
Cooling fans
IDE & SCSI hard drives, all < 600MB, mostly ~500MB
ISA Ethernet adapters
2 PCI Ethernet adapters - probably 10 Mbit
ISA modems of varying speeds (probably not more than 14.4)
ISA sound cards, including an original 8-bit Sound Blaster
2 10/100 Ethernet hubs (not switches)
2- and 3-button serial and PS/2 mice
Computer power cords
3.5" floppy drives
IDE and floppy cables
72-pin SIMMs (8-32 MB each, most in pairs)
various other bits of miscellany


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