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Thu Apr 21 10:55:01 MDT 2005

On Thu, Apr 21, 2005 at 11:23:25AM -0600, Steve Jibson wrote:
> I've been reading up on installing Linux on an XBox and I was wondering
> if y'all have any experience with this.
> Supposedly, the way to do it these days is to take advantage of a defect
> in the load/save game process for the MechAssault XBox game.  To do
> this, you need the game and a memory unit with the corrupt savegame
> image on it.  There are ways of getting the savegame image onto the XBox
> using a homemade USB cable and a USB storage card, but the easiest way
> is to find a "friend" who already has an XBox with Linux on it who can
> put the images on an XBox memory unit for you.  So... does such a
> "friend" exist here locally?

extremely similar thread just popped up on the UUG this week.

not sure how helpful it'll be, but there's some people who are on there
who have done this, so you could try talking to them :)

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