Linux on an XBox

Steve Jibson steve at
Thu Apr 21 11:23:25 MDT 2005

I've been reading up on installing Linux on an XBox and I was wondering
if y'all have any experience with this.

Supposedly, the way to do it these days is to take advantage of a defect
in the load/save game process for the MechAssault XBox game.  To do
this, you need the game and a memory unit with the corrupt savegame
image on it.  There are ways of getting the savegame image onto the XBox
using a homemade USB cable and a USB storage card, but the easiest way
is to find a "friend" who already has an XBox with Linux on it who can
put the images on an XBox memory unit for you.  So... does such a
"friend" exist here locally?


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