Spamassassin Setup

Kirk kirk at
Wed Apr 20 11:07:26 MDT 2005

I am attempting to setup Spamassassin on Redhat Enterprise 3.
I have installed SpamAssassin version 3.0.2
I am running sendmail 8.12.11.
I have procmail, and know that it is working properly.
I thought I should see new headers in the email such as spam_score or
I do not see any new headers, I dont think its working.
Please Help.

/home/username/.procmailrc looks like

| spamc

I have kept it really simply for the initial testing.

/etc/mail/spamassassin/ looks like

version_tag spamTest1
required_hits 5
rewrite_header Subject *****SPAM(_SCORE_)*****
report_header 1
use_terse_report 1
defang_mime 0
report_safe 0
use_bayes 1
auto_learn 1
ok_locales en


I have commented out the entire file

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