Naked DSL - again

Matt Bowler matt at
Mon Apr 18 22:40:54 MDT 2005

Me too, I run qwest 1.5 naked dsl and vonage and things are working great. I
live off west Center in Orem.  Can't wait to get Utopia and dump Qwest

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Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> The story on /. about Verizon offering naked DSL in parts of the 
> country caused me to think our local situation again.
> I haven't had a need for it since I've gone to cable, but a friend of 
> mine said he couldn't get the naked DSL from qwest no matter what he 
> tried.  Anyone know the latest on this?
> Thanks,
> Gabe

Qwest does offer standalone DSL now, as long as your address qualifies for
it.  Right now I pay $33 dollars per month to Qwest ($38 with tax) for
1.5/1.  If you have a phone line it's $5 less.

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