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Mon Apr 18 08:28:33 MDT 2005


It may not fit what you're doing, but true multihead could be a good 
kiosk solution in some setups. I admit it would work even better in a 
library or school where it can really scale up.

There's even one commercial vendor now, but it's a great hobby project too


Hans Fugal wrote:
> With all the firewall/router distros out there, it seems there ought to
> be a kiosk distro: stick in a CD and half an hour later you have a kiosk
> (or perhaps better, a boot-from-cd kiosk distro).
> Google is turning up a bunch of old links that describe complicated ways
> to set up kiosks. Does anyone know if there is a distro like this
> lying around? 
> What have you done for kiosks?
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