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Derek Carter goozbach at
Sun Apr 17 12:50:49 MDT 2005

Eric Jensen wrote:
> Wanting a program to run on start up and am having a hard time figuring 
> out an easy way to do that.  I've looked at the scripts in rc.5 and they 
> seem far more complex then what I need.  To be specific, I am wanting to 
> `==================================='
If you wanted to create a sys-v init script (what those scripts in 
/etc/rc$X/ are called) trying to reverse-engineer an existing one can be 
quite disarming.  In all actuallity creating a (minimally functional) 
sys-v init script isn't that difficult. Let me point you at the Pants 

the pants script is just a silly little init script that really doesn't 
do anything but it does make use of most of the features that an init 
script should.

Just modify the start stanza to run the correct application. You may 
have to modify the first couple lines. For example the functions file 
that is sourced is RH specific and has a large number of functions such 
as the action and daemon functions. But for the most part the flow of 
the program and the algorithms should work for any SYS-V based system.


Wow I have had two posts in the last day on subjects that I've wanted to 
create a guide for... guess i should get around to doing that...

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