Acrobat Reader 7.0

Jared Bernard jared.bernard at
Fri Apr 15 19:06:40 MDT 2005

I just installed Adobe's Acrobat Reader mostly because I needed to rotate a 
pdf because it was scanned sideways and KGhostView didn't have that option. I 
then opened Xpdf which does have that option but it's lacking in other 
features that I like, for example the "grab scroll" function and the page 
layout feature in the left column (which KGhostView did have). 

I'm really enjoying it. There are huge improvements from the old 5.0 for 
Linux. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone else has tried the new Acrobat 
Reader and what they thought of it? I know some of you are strict OSS only, 
are there any OSS options that have all the features of this new Adobe 

I'm obviously not an all OSS guy, I think a good healthy balance of OSS and 
proprietary software is necessary, even inspite of the recent Bitkeeper 
thing. Adobe offering this new Acrobat Reader is another building block that 
can help ease a change to Linux. 


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