Start up Capital

Josh Coates jcoates at
Thu Apr 14 16:34:21 MDT 2005

(Charles Curley)
>First thing is contact your local Chamber of Commerce and ask them
>what you need to do.

>You need a marketing analysis of the product, some evidence you can
>get the thing to work, and a business plan. And you need to put up
>something of your own in the financial category.

for the sake of squashing good intended misinformation:

everything charles recommends to do is incorrect in the context of venture

-the chamber of commerce will be worse than useless, and more than likely
misdirect you.
-marketing analysis of the product is the last thing you need - though
analysis of the market is critical.
-a business plan is not only unnecessary, it is often a time/money wasting
red herring.
-you will not need to put up any of your own money.

just trying to help out. ;-)

Josh Coates

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