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>You may not like how things turn out, either: see Philip Greenspun's

interesting read.  although full-blown lawsuits are uncommon, the sad story
preceding the lawsuit is actually quite common.

i've met with the (un)fortunate opportunity to meet with both of the venture
firms mentioned in the narrative, and there is nothing particularly unusual
about them or their described behavior - simply put, playing with the big
boys can be a rough game.

so you can either put your helmet and pads on and get out on the field, or
you can sit on the sidelines.

or you can go find smaller kids to play with (which isn't a bad idea
sometimes.) ;-)

pushing the metaphor further - the most important thing to do when playing
the game is to not get "hurt".  injuries can ruin your game and your career.
ya know what i mean?  also, study the playbooks - understand the rules of
the game...etc. etc.

okay, enough of that.  blah.

if i'm able to, maybe sometime this summer i'll give a followup to the
'venture startup howto' talk i gave last fall, this time with gory details
about the utah venture financing scene.  ;-)

Josh Coates

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On Thu, 2005-04-14 at 14:58 -0600, Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
> Does this apply to linux somehow?

Heh, if we were to start applying that metric, Plug would be a very low
traffic list indeed.

Besides, we did have a Plug meeting on venture capital a few months ago.
Unfortunately, the presenter made us all pinky swear not to reveal his
secrets. The short summary, however, is that getting VC funding is hard
work. You may not like how things turn out, either: see Philip
Greenspun's option.

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