java plug meeting followup

Josh Coates jcoates at
Thu Apr 14 11:07:41 MDT 2005

bryan - great presentation last night.  very enjoyable discussion.

here are a couple of follow up links for fun.

you can waste^H^H^H^H^Hspend hours of time looking through this site:

"the great computer language shootout"

also, in 2001-2002 matt welsh did some fantastic research around high
performance server IO, although the architecture isn't specific to java, he
did use java for his implementation - the project is called SEDA.  it's work
he did while at berkeley (go bears!) - now he is at harvard.

"SEDA is an acronym for staged event-driven architecture, and decomposes a
complex, event-driven application into a set of stages connected by queues."

paper (it's a very good read):

other SEDA stuff:

thanks again for your presentation.

Josh Coates

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