Install Debian in 5 minutes

Ryan Erickson ryan at
Wed Apr 13 15:35:31 MDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-04-13 at 15:28 -0600, Daniel Timpson wrote:
> > Very nice.  I run mine off a used 64M camera CompactFlash card.
> > 
> How do you do that exactly?  That sounds cool.

The Easy way is to purchase an IDE-CF adapter.  There are many
available, all for around $20ish.

The DSL store (bringing this back to the original subject) sells
CF-to-IDE adapters here:

You then download the image, image it onto the CompactFlash with the
simple instructions provided, then you install it in the computer, and
boot.  If the CF card is large enough, you can do live updates without
having to remove the CF card from that point on.  8M isn't quite large
enough to do that, BTW.

My firewall works well, and one of these days, it may even get a
case...  :)

Ryan Erickson <ryan at>

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