Install Debian in 5 minutes

Ryan Erickson ryan at
Wed Apr 13 13:54:28 MDT 2005

DSL would probably run fine as a firewall, but for dedicated firewalls,
I prefer M0n0wall.  It's a FreeBSD-based firewall, with full
configuration through a web interface.

It does all kinds of great stuff, DHCP, Access point, captive portal,
NAT, traffic shaping, etc.

Very nice.  I run mine off a used 64M camera CompactFlash card.


On Wed, 2005-04-13 at 13:48 -0600, Sean Kirkby wrote:
> Cheeze whiz, don't be so apologetic!  This IS a Linux Users Group, after
> all...
> If this group can abide such off-topics as religion, the economy, and
> whether or not customer loyalty programs at the local supermarket invade
> ones privacy, I certainly think we would gladly welcome some news about,
> well, uh... Linux.
> BTW, sounds like a great distro... I have an old PII 233 with 32MB of
> RAM acting as my firewall at home... currently runs RH7.3.  Maybe I'll
> give DSL a try (despite the dirty words in its title :-).
> Thanks.
> --sk.
> >>> jared.bernard at 4/13/2005 1:04:53 PM >>>
> I'm sure that no one really cares but one of my favorite distros, Damn
> Small 
> Linux (DSL) just reached ver 1.0. I've been following and testing this
> Distro 
> since ver. 0.3.x and it has come a long way since. I think some of you
> might 
> be impressed with it as well.
> It's a minimalist liveCD distro, just shy of 50 mb, based off Knoppix,
> meaning Knoppix HW detection. I'm just amazed at what they can fit in
> just 
> 50mb. It works great as a rescue CD. I now use it as my main distro on
> my 
> laptop.  When installed on to a HD it's just short of 200 mb. It runs
> fluxbox 
> and has it's own control panel, runs firefox and has apt/synaptic, so
> you can 
> customize and add all the new apps you want. It even has a web server 
> (monkey). I'm not a programmer so I can't give any in site to it's
> default 
> development tools, but with apt those can easily be installed.
> You can install it on to a flash thumb drive. It's great for old
> machine's, I 
> have an old PI 133 64mb RAM 1.5 GB HD laptop that now is faster then
> it's 
> ever been. It took only about 5 mins to install on this laptop. The DSL
> site 
> has someone claiming to have it running on a 486SX33 and 486DX2 both
> with 16 
> mb RAM. 
> Those interested in this cool distro can read more about it 
> . It has a very active forum
> and 
> community following it. 
> I apologize for those who could care less about the above. I'm just
> really 
> involved in this project and I'm really impressed with how it was
> developed 
> and it finally reached ver 1. I tried to explain all this to my wife
> and she 
> could care less, so I though I would try a more sympathetic audience
> who has 
> an appreciation for cool nerd stuff. Thanks for allowing me to have a
> place 
> to express some of my enthusiasm. 
> JB
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