Install Debian in 5 minutes

Jared Bernard jared.bernard at
Wed Apr 13 13:04:53 MDT 2005

I'm sure that no one really cares but one of my favorite distros, Damn Small 
Linux (DSL) just reached ver 1.0. I've been following and testing this Distro 
since ver. 0.3.x and it has come a long way since. I think some of you might 
be impressed with it as well.
 It's a minimalist liveCD distro, just shy of 50 mb, based off Knoppix, 
meaning Knoppix HW detection. I'm just amazed at what they can fit in just 
50mb. It works great as a rescue CD. I now use it as my main distro on my 
laptop.  When installed on to a HD it's just short of 200 mb. It runs fluxbox 
and has it's own control panel, runs firefox and has apt/synaptic, so you can 
customize and add all the new apps you want. It even has a web server 
(monkey). I'm not a programmer so I can't give any in site to it's default 
development tools, but with apt those can easily be installed.
 You can install it on to a flash thumb drive. It's great for old machine's, I 
have an old PI 133 64mb RAM 1.5 GB HD laptop that now is faster then it's 
ever been. It took only about 5 mins to install on this laptop. The DSL site 
has someone claiming to have it running on a 486SX33 and 486DX2 both with 16 
mb RAM. 
 Those interested in this cool distro can read more about it . It has a very active forum and 
community following it. 

 I apologize for those who could care less about the above. I'm just really 
involved in this project and I'm really impressed with how it was developed 
and it finally reached ver 1. I tried to explain all this to my wife and she 
could care less, so I though I would try a more sympathetic audience who has 
an appreciation for cool nerd stuff. Thanks for allowing me to have a place 
to express some of my enthusiasm. 


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