April Plug meeting reminder...

Grant Shipley gshipley at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 10:05:49 MDT 2005

> I don't want to be a wet blanket, and I really honestly don't usually
> jump on the bash java bandwagon, but installing and configuring tomcat
> to do the simplest task was _not_ easy last time I tried (about a year
> ago). And don't forget you have to have Java installed in the first
> place to use tomcat.

I honestly don't know where all this confusion comes from.  Installing
tomcat is very easy to say the least.  Untar it and start it up.  If
you don't want to run on port 8080 (default), make one change.  If you
want to use it in conjunction with apache, include a  line in your
httpd.conf file.  Thats it. Easy.

Now, when people say PHP is so much easier to get a web app up and
running, they are assuming someone has compiled php for them with all
the options they need.  But wait a second, you need this opition and
that option and maybe postgres support.  Lets recompile.

They both have their trade offs and advantages but don't say
installing a simple web app in tomcat is hard, because its not.  Now,
if we are talking about deploying EJBs,having parent/child
relationships with webapps, have a webapps remotely call EJB on 10
different servers in Oralce 9iAS or Websphere, then okay -- I will
give that to you... its a royal pain.  But --- its my understanding
PHP does not have anything as complex as EJB's like Java does.  Flame
on :)

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