Dead gateway detection

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Tue Apr 12 21:55:37 MDT 2005


On Tue, 12 Apr 2005 at 21:52 -0600, Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> I'm setting up a box with two connections going out to different ISPs
> for a small business in town.  The second was just for a backup but they
> wanted to be able add its bandwidth to that of the first for out going
> traffic.  On a failure the traffic goes out the one connection.
> I think I have it all working but I'm still looking for an elegant way
> to detect a dead gateway.  I have a cron job that uses ping to check
> each gw.  It works but it's a little clunky and only checks every
> minute.
> What have you all done to detect dead gateways?
> Thanks,
> Gabe
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