fetchmail & pine

Jared Bernard jared.bernard at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 13:16:47 MDT 2005

On Tuesday 12 April 2005 1:10, Byron Clark wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 12, 2005 at 12:19:27PM -0600, Jared Bernard wrote:
> > If I understand correctly, fetchmail retrieves the email and places it
> > locally. What I don't understand is, where does it put it so I can point
> > Pine to it? I haven't been able to find an answer to that by googling.
> > Pine then should be able to read that pulled email.
> This is the part that isn't quite right.  fetchmail retrieves the email
> and sends it to the local MTA/MDA to deliver (place) the message.
> For more information on how this works, here is the relevant section of
> the manpage (fetchmail(1)):
>     As each message is retrieved fetchmail normally delivers it via SMTP
>     to port 25 on the machine it is running on (localhost), just as
>     though  it were  being passed in over a normal TCP/IP link.  The
>     mail will then be delivered locally via your system's MDA (Mail
>     Delivery  Agent,  usually sendmail(8)  but  your  system  may  use a
>     different one such as smail, mmdf, exim, or qmail).  All the
>     delivery-control  mechanisms  (such as .forward  files)  normally
>     available through your system MDA and local delivery agents will
>     therefore work automatically.
>     If no port 25 listener is available, you must configure Debian
>     fetchmail explicitly to use an MDA.
> If you have procmail installed you can have fetchmail use procmail to
> deliver mail with the following command:
> fetchmail -m "/usr/bin/procmail -d %T"

Ok, I see now! So that being said, what would be the best (meaning the easiest 
for a dummy like me to configure, works well with fetchmail/pine) MTA 
(Postfix/Sendmail/Qmail/etc) to use? 


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