US Economy

Dave Smith DavidSmith at
Mon Apr 11 20:13:48 MDT 2005

Joel Finlinson wrote:
 > <quote>
> "Our team's inspiration is not about Linux and piracy," Wickstrand
> said. "It's about helping to improve access to technology for
> first-time users — people who have never bought a PC and are not
> pirates."
 > <snip/>
 > </quote>
>        I just had to comment on Microsoft's arrogance.  Only
> first-time PC buyers are not pirates?!  If you've purchased more than
> one PC in your life, you're a pirate.  Classic MS.  Just classic.

Wow. Do you really think that MS is asserting that all PC owners are 
pirates? I didn't get that out of that quote at all. Not by a long shot.


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