[OT] Where to find AMD Athlon (32) processor

John Nielsen lists at jnielsen.net
Mon Apr 11 16:45:46 MDT 2005

Quoting Eric Jensen <eric at emstraffic.com>:
> Quoting Brad Dorner
> >Have you ever tried to return something to EBC?
> >
> >I have and I will never do that again!

Likewise.  Hence my original query.

> I pretty much gave up on local computer shops.  I get everything from
> Newegg.com now.  Incredibly fast shipping, everything has a 1 year
> warranty from them, great customer service, competitive prices, and
> they
> have a very large selection.  You are not stuck with the brands that
> the
> store owner's prefer.  Been doing business with newegg for years now
> and
> haven't had a single problem.

I'm rapidly reaching the same conclusion.  Thanks all for your input.  I'm
going to infer that PC Club is still the best bet for a local retailer on
those occasions when getting something today is worth trading some price
and selection for.  I'll also keep PC Discounters and pricewatch.com in


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