Dead HD - Longshot

Jon Gale donjuanica at
Mon Apr 11 15:10:05 MDT 2005

I know this is a long shot, but I lost (as in fiery, ozone spewing
computer of death) 2 hard drives over the weekend for which I had no
backup.  Miraculously I revived one of the drives by replacing the
electronics with those from a good drive of the exact same model.  I
would like to try the same thing on the other drive but I don't have a
duplicate laying around.  So...everyone pull out your IDE HD stash and
check for the following numbers (this is fun right?  just like playing
the lotto!):

Maxtor Model 91531U3 and the powerball number is.....42!

If anyone happens to have this drive and is willing to give/sell it to
me I will hand over my firstborn son (and I'll throw in my second born
daughter for good measure).  Just kidding of course - but I would pay
you handsomely and give you a free SCO T-Shirt.

And on a side-note: ALWAYS back up your data :)


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