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>    (YahooNews from Ziff Davis)

 In an interview with Microsoft Watch last fall, Microsoft officials
maintained the XP Starter Edition releases have nothing to do with
piracy or Linux. Instead, they are targeted at "the unique needs of
first-time users - people who have never owned a personal PC in the
home," according to Mike Wickstrand, a group product manager with
Microsoft's Windows division.

"Our team's inspiration is not about Linux and piracy," Wickstrand
said. "It's about helping to improve access to technology for
first-time users — people who have never bought a PC and are not

In fact, the target audience for the product "does not have a PC at
all," Wickstrand said. "That's where the opportunity lies."

Wickstrand says the features that Microsoft decided to strip out are
those that typically would not be required by the types of users
Microsoft is seeking with Starter Edition.

"These are not the usual power users. They are non-PC owning
families," he explained.


       I just had to comment on Microsoft's arrogance.  Only
first-time PC buyers are not pirates?!  If you've purchased more than
one PC in your life, you're a pirate.  Classic MS.  Just classic.


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