[OT] Where to find AMD Athlon (32) processor

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Mon Apr 11 11:07:34 MDT 2005

John Nielsen wrote:

>I'm looking for recommendations on good hardware vendors in the Provo/Orem
>area.  Specifically, I need a new AMD Athlon processor since one of mine
>seems to have developed a number of neuroses.
>PC Club is my usual favorite, but they only carry Semprons and Athlon64
>chips now.  I did see a 2800+ (for $108) at EBC Computers, but they don't
>fall under the category of "good hardware vendors" in my book (their
>service and support are lousy, regardless of the truthfulness of rumors
>about the company management lacking ethics).
hmm.. EBC $108 for 2800 add 5% for 1 year replacement=$113.4 for a cpu
that you can replace no matter what withing 1 year.
No need for support, no questions, just return/replace if it doesn't work.


>CompUSA has an Athlon 2700+, but (not surprisingly) it costs quite a bit
>more than EBC's 2800+ at $134.
>I know there are a number of computer shops around.  Any input would be
>[Oh, and if you happen to have an Athlon you're looking to unload, feel
>free to let me know.]
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