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Sun Apr 10 17:02:31 MDT 2005

* Dave Smith [Sun, 10 Apr 2005 at 12:02 -0600]
> >I use waproamd. Whenever I enter a new wireless network, if it is wide
> >open I am connected automatically. If it needs a wep key, I just have to
> >save that key to a file, and I am connected automatically that time and
> >every time in the future. No clicking, no fussing.
> What about moving between wired and wireless networks. In Windows, if a 
> wireless connection is available, it is used. If a wired network is 
> available, it is used (not sure what it does if both are available). In 
> the past, I have always fired up an xterm and run /etc/init.d/net.wlan0 
> stop && /etc/init.d/net.eth0 start. This is somewhat painful, and I'd 
> like for Linux to automagically use whatever network is available 
> without *any* user intervention. Ideas?

Like he said, waproamd will automatically connect to a wireless network
if it is available, and wep encrypted networks too provided you have the
key saved in the right file.

Then ther is ifplugd, the equivalent of waproamd for wired. Now, for me,
when I have both wireless and wired available both are enabled and I end
up with routing issues. Hans swears that my routing issues shouldn't be
issues at all, and is indeed the way it should work, but for me it
breaks. But you can try it and it will probably work for you, I admit
that my computer has some strange quirks, and probably mostly due to the
stupid broadcomm wireless card that I have to run with ndiswrapper (aka

The routing issue, if you care, is I get two default routes. Supposedly,
this should work, and it should just pick one to go out on, and in the
event one becomes unavailable it will use the other. But I guess for
some reason my computer gets confused and uses _neither_ default route
and nothing works until I delete a route.

Von Fugal
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