[OT] Where to find AMD Athlon (32) processor

John Nielsen lists at jnielsen.net
Sat Apr 9 11:31:51 MDT 2005

I'm looking for recommendations on good hardware vendors in the Provo/Orem
area.  Specifically, I need a new AMD Athlon processor since one of mine
seems to have developed a number of neuroses.

PC Club is my usual favorite, but they only carry Semprons and Athlon64
chips now.  I did see a 2800+ (for $108) at EBC Computers, but they don't
fall under the category of "good hardware vendors" in my book (their
service and support are lousy, regardless of the truthfulness of rumors
about the company management lacking ethics).

CompUSA has an Athlon 2700+, but (not surprisingly) it costs quite a bit
more than EBC's 2800+ at $134.

I know there are a number of computer shops around.  Any input would be

[Oh, and if you happen to have an Athlon you're looking to unload, feel
free to let me know.]



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